Postgraduate Award in Technology Enhanced Learning ePortfolio

Mapping Document

Evidence type

  1. Conducted a review of technology in learning and teaching showing an informed awareness of current debates and issues around technology enhanced learning in higher education, including how accessibility and inclusivity underpin academic and/or professional practice.
  2. Critically analysed opportunities and constraints in using technology to support learning, showing an awareness of ideas and theories around effective pedagogical application of technology enhanced learning.
  3. Designed a learning resource or learning activity integrating appropriate information and/or communications technology.
  4. Planned and implemented a strategy to incorporate this learning resource or activity in your teaching.
  5. Evaluated your intervention, its impact and your own performance with consideration of the existing evidence base.
  6. Disseminated the findings of the evaluation.
  7. Reviewed, planned and undertaken appropriate actions related to your own continuing professional development.

Evidence location

Case Study Tasks Reflective writing
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